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Jimmy Threadgill - Towers Restoration and Cleaning Carpet & Floor Care

Jimmy Threadgill Founded Tower Carpet  Services in 1994.  In 2011 he bought another about_uscleaning company,  changing the name to Towers Restoration and Cleaning Carpet & Floor Care.  Threadgill was in the automotive repair industry before entering the carpet cleaning industry.  Being experienced with customer service,  it was an easy transformation.  Threadgill quickly realized that most carpet cleaning companies were not providing good service and did not seem to know about cleaning either.

In addition to service, Threadgill immersed himself in education, studying cleaning magazines, manuals and networking with other professionals, he learned everything he could about carpet & fabric cleaning.  As a result, he began to help solve many difficult cleaning problems many people have.  Many cleaners don't know or care about how to solve these problems.  Because of this Towers Restoration and Cleaning has become one of the premier cleaning companies in the metro-plex.